5 Things I’ve Left Behind At 32

Getting older can be frightening but it’s something none of us can avoid. It can be really scary; especially when you start thinking about how much time has passed and where your life is.

Every day I’m shocked by how these influencers and popular celebrities are getting younger and younger. Sometimes I’ll discover a new artist and Google them only to discover that they’re 22! Damn, I’m old hahaha…

Sometimes I worry when I think about how at my age I’m single, have no kids, don’t own anything and I’m still struggling financially even though I’m employed full time. My peers are married, have kids, and are running their own successful companies and here I am. But you know what they say,

Comparison is the thief of joy


My 32nd year on this earth has been filled with much turbulence and also quite a lot of growth.

Anyway, I don’t think getting older is something that we should fear. Instead, we should look at it as a blessing because there are many who don’t get to reach these ages.

Things I’m Leaving Behind At 32

Feelings of inadequacy

It’s important to realise that sometimes what we feel about ourselves isn’t always true. Sometimes they really are just feelings and we need to stop letting them consume us and convince us that we are things that we’re not. Why are we so quick to believe the negative thoughts we have about ourselves?


I avoid negativity at all costs.

If it doesn’t bring me peace or joy and instead drains me or brings me negative energy, I’m out.


It is true what they say, “Procrastination is the thief of time”.

We tend to waste so much time putting things off only to do them hurriedly at the last minute. Not only is this a waste of precious time but it also adds unnecessary pressure that could have been avoided.

Whatever No Longer Serves Me

I’m done with anything that makes me feel small, unwanted and generally not good. This includes so called friends that bring about such feelings.

If it’s not working for me, why hold onto it?

Waiting for others

I realized I’ve spent a lot of my life waiting for others. I’d put things off and talk myself out of doing them because no one was available to join me or they just weren’t interested.

I now do things like going out to eat, even if there’s no one to accompany me and I’ve come to enjoy my own company.

Getting older truly is a blessing and we should strive to make the most of out time om this earth for we never know when it’s coming to an end.

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