November Wrap-Up

Sup? It’s been a minute. Thanks for popping in and joining me on the blog. I hope November’s been a good month for you, for me, it’s been a lot! Here’s a wrap-up of November ’23. November Top Posts These were the most read blog posts in the month of November: Best Time To Read […]

An Unexpected Day Off

Got to the office and it was still key blocked so I headed to the gym and then the beach to go and process some trauma that recently crept up on me. It was an interesting morning, I must tell you. Lots was buzzing through my mind but it’s nothing a trip to the beach […]

5 Things I’ve Left Behind At 32

Getting older can be frightening but it’s something none of us can avoid. It can be really scary; especially when you start thinking about how much time has passed and where your life is. Every day I’m shocked by how these influencers and popular celebrities are getting younger and younger. Sometimes I’ll discover a new […]

October Wrap-Up

Hello lovely reader and welcome to the blog. The year 2023 is quickly coming to an end. I can’t believe another month has flown by and so much has happened. It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. Herman Melville I didn’t post much at the beginning of the month as […]

Podcasts To Check Out

I’ve developed a love and appreciation for podcasts. I don’t go a single day without listening to at least 1 episode. If you’re into podcasts, especially one related to growth, creativity, self -help and true crime then this post is for you. I love listening to podcasts while doing tasks like washing the dishes, folding […]

Why I’m Obsessed With Selling Sunset

I’ve developed an obsession with real estate and through that, I discovered the show Selling Sunset. A show where you get to watch gorgeous, successful women kicking ass while selling the most stunning homes! I LOVE real estate but somehow the thought of actually doing it for a living seems crazy to me. Sidebar, I […]

My First Solo Date

I decided to try something new and go out by myself. Usually when my friends are unavailable, I abort the mission, but I’m kind of tired of doing that. They are parents now, so they are unavailable more often. I’ve been put alone before but it’s usually to the beach so this was a little […]

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