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Guess who’s back????

Hi there and thanks for joining us on the blog for a new edition of Creative Corner, where we have a chat with super-talented creatives from across the globe.

Sorry to have kept you all waiting but I can assure you, Weird & Liberated is still around. Just been busy with end-of-year things and all but at least I’m back with something I know you’ll enjoy.

Joining us today is blogger Monidipa Dutta, the talented creative behind the blog With Love; which covers lifestyle and mental health. If you’re a fan of this blog then you should recognise the name as they are a return guest.

Moni is an Indian blogger who describes herself as a “caffeinated workaholic” from the city of Joy, Kolkata now living in Mumbai, India.

She considers herself an ambivert and apart from being a blogger, she’s also a mental health counsellor. Her world completely revolves around her work which includes counselling and writing.

I’m happy to have Moni back on the blog and eager to hear and share what she’s been up to with you guys.

Why did you start With Love?

Well, many people have many reasons to start blogging. Some do it to earn money, some do it to meet people. Mine is a bit weird (according to me). I started this blog because I love writing. However, this isn’t my first blog. I had blogs for different niches, but the server that I was using malfunctioned so I had to move them all to With Love

Who is your Target Audience?

With Love has different niches so my target audience is people who like to read. These days I’m concentrating on writing short tales so as of now I’m targeting readers who love reading stories.

How has blogging changed for you since you started?

For me, it’s changed a lot. For example, I had never expected that I will be nominated so many times, I never expected that I will get awards, and moreover, I never expected people to read my content and love them.

What do you look forward to most in the festive season?

To be honest, I look forward to spending time with my family. But if you want to know about my plans with the blog during the festive, I try to come up with new stories.

What are your 2022 highlights?

Personally, not much.

But With Love won two awards for short stories. I was glad that people loved my stories.

Which post do you think deserves more views?

There are many but this story, ‘The Final Peace‘ is very close to my heart. Although I’ve published it recently, I wrote it when I was bedridden after my accident in 2017. 

What, in your opinion, does it take to make a blog successful?

My definition of success is different from others. As I said earlier, I started With Love and my other blogs because I loved writing.

However, based on current scenarios, if people read my content, especially the stories that I write these days, and get the inner meaning behind them then it would be a success for me.

What advice do you have for bloggers wishing to grow their blogs?

For the ones with specific niches: Research very well before you post. 

And for the ones who write stories/poems: proofread your work many times before you post.

What are your plans for With Love for the new year?

Well, that’s a secret, you need to subscribe to see. But I can assure you, everyone would love it!

What can we expect when we subscribe to your blog?

Stories, Reviews on movies and shows and interviews. That’s all you can expect.

Catch Moni on her blog, With Love and subscribe to staysuy in the loop with her cool content. You can also follow and engage with her on social media platforms such as

Thank you so much for reading this fun post and for your ongoing love and support. Please share your thoughts and what you’d like to see on the blog next in the comments.

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