Living With Scalp Eczema – An Update

Hello guys.

I just remembered how a while back I told you guys about having scalp eczema and how it affects my life. It’s been a few years since my diagnosis so I think it’s about time I shared what life’s like now. (If you missed that post, you can catch it here

It’s been roughly 5 years since that post was written and I can gladly say that my hair and scalp are very healthy!

Scalp eczema is no longer an embarrassing thing for me to live with. I’ve learnt what my body does and doesn’t want and stay away from possible causes of agitation. I haven’t dyed my hair in years.

Now, I’m able to get braids when I want to and they look and feel fantastic. I’m no longer limited when it comes to hairstyles. I just make sure to oil and wash them regularly and try not to keep them for longer than 6 weeks. I get bored by week 4 anyway and change hairstyles.

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I don’t braid my hair with fibre all the time. Sometimes I just plait my natural hair and wear a wig when I feel like dressing up.

Additionally, I haven’t been to a dermatologist in years and I feel like I don’t need to because I have it all under control. I did notice some blotches on my back a while back. But I have noted that that was during a time I wasn’t exercising or eating healthy at all.

So proud to say I’ve got a beautiful head of full, healthy, natural hair and I’m enjoying my natural hair growth journey. I’ve stopped cutting my hair. I found a range of natural hair and scalp care products to keep it moisturised and healthy. Regular washes are very important to get rid of product build-up and keep the scalp clean and fresh and prevent flaking.

My favourite brand of products is Aunt Jackie’s, I love their leave-in-conditioners.

For my scalp, I found a range of scalp care products that I love. At the moment, I’m using my own concoction to moisturise my scalp. I bought Amla oil, Afripure Jojoba Oil, Afripure Hemp Seed Oil and Aunt Jackie’s Argan oil, mixed them all together in one bottle and use that to moisturise my scalp.

It’s been working out fantastic!

Highly recommend that you give these scalp and hair care products a try. Even if you don’t have a scalp problem, you’ll end up with a very healthy head of hair.

I try to look for hair products that are filled with natural ingredients and I’ve got very sensitive skin. As a result, scalp eczema no longer brings me to tears.

I’ve always loved braids and I’d stopped doing them because of my scalp. I was so excited when I managed to keep them clean and tidy, even with my scalp being the way it is. Figuring out how to take care of my scalp has been a huge game-changer.

If you have scalp eczema, I’d just like to tell you that there’s hope and you can go back to doing those braids that you love.

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