My Favourite Place to Go in My City

What is your favorite place to go in your city?

I live in the coastal city of East London, South Africa and we have some beautiful beaches here. My favourite place to go in my city right now is Nahoon beach/reef.

I recently discovered the hiking trail there that leads to a side of the beach I had never seen before.

Here’s how beautiful it looks (photos taken by yours truly) :

Photo by Weird & Liberated
Photo by Weird & Liberated
Photo by Weird & Liberated

I had no idea this hidden gem was in my city until recently!

It’s crazy how you can live somewhere all your life and not see any hidden gems because you keep frequenting the same places. Once in a while we deviate from out norms and hopefully discover something new.

I try to visit the beach as often as I can, especially when stressed. I like going there just to take a stroll along the beach or just to chill and enjoy a good book.

We have a selection of beaches to choose from here in East London, all with their own unique views. There’s Bonza Bay beach, Gonubie Beach and Nahoon Beach to name but a few. For a city this small, we’re spoilt for choice.

Perks of living on the coast.

I love going to the beach just to relax, read, hike or take a long stroll, especially when I need to clear my mind.

Where’s your favourite place to go to in your city.

If you’d like to see more beautiful views from my city, you can check them out on my Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Place to Go in My City

  1. Where I currently live, my favourite place to go is a local botanical garden. I love being among nature and seeing how the landscapes, flora and fauna change through the seasons of the year. Your favourite spot looks absolutely lovely; somewhere to really connect with all that’s around you. Thanks for sharing it here!

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