Year End Check-In

What’s up?

I know keep going MIA on ya, apologies for that. I just thought I’d do a little check in with you guys so that you cab see that I’m still alive and kicking.

Thankfully, by the looks of it, we’re done with those.

I’m stoked that this year is coming to an end. I’m in need of a much deserved break. I’ve been working weekends doing tenders for the company and I’m utterly exhausted. If I don’t see another tender this year, it’ll be too soon.

My vegetables are doing well. They are so tasty. Just planted some spring onion and I’m planning on planting more vegetables over the festive season. Atleast then I’ll have ample time to water them daily, unlike now.

Excited that I’ll have my own vehicle by the end of next week (I think). Sharing my mom’s car is great but sometimes a little inconvenient. Atleast now I can come and go on my own accord and I can go to the gym whenever I want.

I’ll be attending my very first baby shower soon. A close friend of mine is expecting a baby girl and we can’t wait to meet her. I have already purchased my gift which was super hard to settle on because everything for little “princesses” is super adorable. So adorable might just want a little “princess” of my own hahaha.

My sister should be coming home soon. I haven’t seen her in a minute so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m feeling optimistic about the coming year and planning to go back to school. I keep getting asked why I want to go back and I just feel that it’s something I need and want to do. In any case, education is never a waste, it’s an investment in yourself.

I’ve been thinking alot about the moves I need to make to create a better life for myself. I ain’t getting any younger. There’s so much I want to do and explore soon and I’m looking forward to all of it.en

Been talking for years about how I’d like to go on a road trip and it just hasn’t happened for various reasons and I need to stop making excuses anf just make it happen. 2023 is the year!

That’s it from me for now.


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