Going Alcohol Free

It’s funny how things just seem to align for you.

I recently decided to stop drinking and the other day I was listening to The Goal Digger podcast while I was washing the dishes and the episode that played was the one about alcohol and how it can affect our goals. Talk about divine intervention…

I’m not an alcoholic, I just binge drink at times. My decision to stop drinking came after I went out for a few drinks when I was feeling depressed and did not remember anything about that night. I woke up extremely emotional to the point where I just sat in my bed and cried.

It was that day that I decided to start praying and stop drinking until I felt okay again. I can’t pinpoint what triggered me but I haven’t felt like myself for a while. Drinking is the last thing I should be doing right now so I stopped.

I had a bruise on my ass the size of my hand and my friends had to fill in the blanks because I only remembered the beginning of the night.

The saddest part about that is everyone thought I was having the time of my life that night. I was actually feeling dead inside.

I think these feelings were slowly building up from a combination of many things. I’m not happy with my life, my job annoys the shit out of me and I can’t afford many things. I was just feeling completely drained and empty, both emotionally and physically.

When writing this post, I was 3 weeks completely alcohol-free. I have switched to non-alcoholic beverages when I get cravings and so far so good. I don’t even miss the original stuff anymore hahaha.

I’m not saying I’m never going to touch alcohol ever again but I’m already seeing the benefits of an alcohol-free life.

I feel more energetic and also less depressed. I feel like I can conquer anything and fewer hangovers mean I have reclaimed my Saturday mornings and now use them to clean, garden or work. I’ve become more productive.

Have you gone alcohol-free? How was your journey to quit drinking? Share your story in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Going Alcohol Free

  1. Definitely think we all have a bit of a history with alcohol. I was a heavy drinker in my teens but then I was tee-total for around 5 years and didn’t touch a drop. A few years ago I started introducing alcohol into my life again and I’m glad I did because I do enjoy it. But I have to watch myself because I can tend to not know when to stop sometimes, which due to the medication I’m on, really isn’t good! So I’ve been working really hard on being better with alcohol recently and it’s doing wonders. I have a drink because I like it but I don’t need to go crazy x

    1. I’ve switched to drinking non-alcoholic alternatives when the cravings hit and so far so good. I do enjoy the occasional cocktail once in a while. I think what’s important is for us to change they way we consume alcohol and our relationship with it. I’ve stopped binge drinking and waking up hungover and I plan to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. 🤗 Thanks for your input Jenny. I appreciate it.

  2. My struggle has not been alcohol but it has been other things.

    They’ve been those times when I’ve felt the need to medicate parts of my soul.

    I’ve prayed, fasted regularly over the last ten years but still I’ve felt like I’m not in control.

    The thing that’s really put me on a victorious plane is touching base with a lot of forgotten talents and interests from the past.

    I’m playing piano and guitar once again almost daily.

    I’m getting back into drawing after almost twenty years.

    I’m joining running and mountain climbing clubs soon.

    I’m not a dancer by any means but following choreography in my room helps me feel so good.

    I’m also learning to get back into the habit of being a giver and not seeking to always benefit myself.

    I’m learning a lot from the teachings of Christ and it’s helping me a lot.

    I’m also choosing to pray for all those I harbor any feelings of resentment towards.

    Every time I pray a blessing over their names, I feel a release in my nervous system and my breathing gets deeper.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Touching base with forgotten talents and interested is absolutely a great idea. I’ve been thinking about trying out something artistic like painting.

      Prayer and reading the bible has also made a significant difference in my outllok on life.

      Thanks for the comment.


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