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How I Spend My Time As A Blogger

Running a blog is not as simple as just writing a post and clicking “publish”. There’s so much more to it!

It may differ from blogger to blogger, but this is basically what I personally spend my time doing as a blogger. I don’t consider myself a full-time blogger yet, however, I still pour a huge amount of time into my blog.

Most of my friends and family don’t even know that I blog and probably wonder what the hell I do all day when I just disappear.

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Blogging keeps me quite busy and if you ask me, it’s quite a bit of work, I’m just not earning any income from it at the moment but I’m hoping that’s going to change sometime in the very near future.

How I Spend My Time As A Blogger


Coming up with blog post ideas is both fun and challenging. I have so many ideas that need to be written down before they disappear, and some are way better than others.

I have notebooks as well as notes on my phone filled with incomplete thoughts and ideas.

Before I begin writing, I first need to decide what the hell I want to write about.


I have blogging-related notes on my phone and various notebooks.


Obviously! (or blogging if you prefer to call it that).

A great deal of time is spent writing blog posts. Sometimes I don’t even notice the time going by because I get so caught up in the process.

I write multiple days a week if not every day. If I’m not updating old content I’m creating fresh content.

Checking Emails

This is how I communicate with other bloggers and receive their blog updates. I have an interview series and guest posts on the blog so most of the communication regarding interviews and guest posts is done via email.

PS if you want to be interviewed or guest post please get in touch with me at weirdnliberated@gmail.

Promoting Blog Posts

I gotta get the word out so you guys can check out all these awesome posts I’ve written. I mean I love writing but who’s going to read my blog if they don’t even know about it?

I promote my blog posts on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to name but a few platforms. It can be quite time-consuming, but I really don’t mind though. I spend quite a few hours doing this.

I do a fair amount of Tweeting throughout the day to promote my posts both new and old. Twitter is also a great way to connect with other bloggers.

Creating Pinterest Pins & Graphics

This is part of promotions.

If you want people to check your posts out then you gotta creating visually appealing graphics, in this case, clickable Pinterest pins to draw the audience to your site.

I’m still trying to master Canva; which is an awesome tool for creating stunning graphics. I’m getting better by the day.

Creating graphics is fun!

Proofreading & Editing

There’s quite a lot of editing and well as re-writing that happens most of the time before you get to see the final piece live on the blog. Some posts I read before I schedule and end up completely scrapping and going back to the drawing board others, the editing process is MUCH quicker.

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I read plenty of books as well as other blogs. To be a better writer I believe I need to read as much as I possibly can. It helps to improve my vocabulary and writing skills.

Reading is my favourite past-time.

Reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts is an important part of blogging. It is important that bloggers support each other and help each other grow.

The more reading you do, the better your writing gets.

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If you ask me, a blogger’s work is never done. There is always a blog-related task to be done! Even when I’m relaxing and watching my favourite series and YouTube, I have my laptop open in front of me and I’m doing something for my blog.

If I’m not doing anything it’s because I’ve decided to take a break but I am almost constantly on my laptop, all day every day.

If you didn’t know what your average blogger spends their time doing, now you know. There are plenty of other things that bloggers, probably more established than I am, do.

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3 thoughts on “How I Spend My Time As A Blogger

  1. Blogging is hard work! I spend hours a day working on it from pondering posts, photos, and you’re right – writing. I’m glad someone brought this to light hah

  2. you are so right! writing a blog post is just the start. There is so much promotion, SEO to master & administration tasks. It’s never ending 😅

  3. Most of my time is spent brainstorming and doing research. The writing part is the most enjoyable and easiest part for me. It’s not quick, but if you get into a flow it feels effortless!

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