Where I Draw Inspiration From

In case you were wondering where I draw inspiration from to help me to keep coming up with fresh blog content for you to indulge in or what inspires me in general, I have decided to talk a little about my inspirations.

Even if you weren’t wondering; I’m telling you anyway LOL!

Where I Draw Inspiration From

I gain inspiration from pretty much everything because it’s there if you look hard enough. But more specifically I draw inspiration from:

Things that I see, hear and personally experience

There are things I could tell you about that you wouldn’t even believe but trust, they are all true stories.

I’ve heard, overheard and witnessed some pretty bizarre things that have resulted in a blog post.

Conversations with strangers are also a great source of inspiration and people who know me know that I can spark up a conversation with a tree hahaha…

Cape Town

Being in Cape Town, surrounded by new things and people and experiencing a different way of life has helped spark my creativity.

I produced a significant amount of content while staying in Cape Town and being in a new place really opened up my mind.

Waking up to new sounds and different views can really help generate many ideas and help you see things differently.


“Why Reading is Essential…FOR EVERYONE”

I like to read, mostly fiction.

Books are an excellent source of inspiration. Whether they be fictional or not, reading other people’s work is quite inspirational and can be a great creativity booster.

I am inspired by the characters in the books I read and their personal journeys and stories.

Movies & Series

I also watch a lot of movies from a variety of genres.

Hey, I’ve had a few movie ideas of my own but I’m too chicken to do anything about them.

I’ve come up with a number of blog posts and ideas while watching movies and series.


I am also inspired by ordinary people who do extraordinary things; whether I know them personally or not.

I just find out one of my mom’s old friends wrote a book and it’s being published! How freaken awesome is that?! What a truly remarkable woman!

I hope that one day I can achieve even an ounce of what she has.

I find people who have overcome huge setbacks in life truly inspiring.

They have been through situations that could have broken them and persevered and they are ordinary people just like me; they cry like I cry and bleed like I bleed. If they can do it then surely so can I!

My sister is a huge inspiration. She has been a bit of a go-getter since she could talk. She is fearless and unapologetic in all that she does and DOES NOT take no for an answer. I wish I was that brave!

I follow quite a few bloggers that are unique and interesting; each has a certain…flair.

Social Media

I find so much inspiration on social media, be it from posts or comments from random strangers and people I’m following.

Social media is a great place to look when you’re searching for ideas for your next piece.

Social Media Photo by Kerde Severin from Pexels

In a nutshell, inspiration can be found just about anywhere. These are just a few places where I draw inspiration from; especially when I have writer’s block.

What inspires you to do what you do? Let me know where you draw inspiration from in the comments.

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