Cape Town Journal: Entry #6

July 18th, 2021

My photography skills have definitely improved.

This morning, my sister and I went for a nice long 47-minute walk along the promenade. Sure as hell didn’t feel THAT long. I thoroughly enjoyed it, definitely something I would like to do as often as possible.

I love the mix of people here. Heard so many different accents on our little walk like German, American, British… It really doesn’t feel like I’m still in South Africa because it is vastly different to my hometown, East London.

It was so motivating to see such a large amount of people jogging and running, makes me feel super motivated to get my ass in shape and look my absolute best.

Reading some of the notes beside Thomas Peschak’s photographs along the Seapoint promenade is actually quite sad because as much as the art is beautiful, it is also a sad reminder of the damage we, as people, are doing to our oceans. By the way, his photography is stunning.

The homeless population here is quite large, there are homeless people everywhere (even in tents by the beach) and it’s so despairing.

Before we left, I was instructed to try to look cute because there might be influencers out shooting videos or whatever lol. Imagine showing up in someone’s YouTube video looking crusty as hell… I’d die!

I have decided that I need to go back to East London looking fitter and better than I was when I left, THAT’s my mission now.

This is one of the photos I took on our walk this morning:

Started reading a new book this morning today, One of Us is Lying, which seems quite interesting.

I’m loving my new morning routine of drinking my cup of coffee with a book out on the balcony and getting some fresh air. I am getting my minimum of 30-minutes daily reading while I’m here.

Gotten so many blog posts done as well and started this Cape Town Journal blog series. I hope you are enjoying it.

There’s still much I’m looking forward to experiencing here and Charlie’s Bakery is one of them. I saw it years ago on the cooking channel. Have to at least taste a cupcake from there.

I’m super tired and practically falling asleep at the table.

Here’s to experiencing more new and exciting things and #growth!

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