Cape Town Journal: Entry #25

September 29th, 2021

OMG I loathe packing. I wish someone else could do it for me and also,why do I have so much stuff???

Still haven’t gotten rid of my bed and it’s really stressing me the fuck out because A. I need the money and B. I’m leaving TOMORROW.

I’ve been trying to sell stuff for the past few weeks. I guess I started too late huh?

Giving quite a few things away which is a good thing because I really don’t need them.

Seriously need to consider minimalism because owning this much stuff if a problem!

I’m EXHAUSTED and I need to be up at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow to catch a flight back home. I’m 95% packed and ready.

Waiting on the lovely lady who bought some of my sister’s furniture to come and pick it up then we begin the process of moving her stuff to her new apartment.

Today’s workout killed me. I was already tired before that but I forced myself to do it because it’s the last one of the program.

So glad I didn’t spend all of my money and I’m not going home broke. I’d love a Wacky Wednesday though and considering there’s nothing but potatoes and canned stuff to eat here, I’m hoping she’ll get some.

Packing went way quicker than I thought it would and it really wasn’t that bad.

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