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Hey hey hey! Guess who’s back to bring you yet another inspirational blogger to entertain you… and hopefully, to follow.

Welcome to Creative Corner where you meet all sorts of brilliant, bright creatives. Today, I’d like to introduce you to writer Fadima Mooniera.

An interesting fact about Fadima is that she is Malay + Bugis + Chinese + Minang Kabau + Indian + Thai and because of her mixed origin, Fadima puts herself as Malaysian and Asian.

This brilliant blogger holds an MBA in Marketing from the National University of Malaysia (UKM), and a BSC Hons in International Fashion Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. She is a true role model for all the young ladies out there!

Before Fadima became a full-time writer, blogger and illustrator, she used to work in the fashion, retail, publishing industry, and civil service. Whoo, that’s a lot!

Let’s hear more about Fadima and her blogging journey…

blogger Fadima Mooniera

What do you look forward to most at the end of the year?

Every year I always look forward to end of the year holidays. But I’m not sure for end of the year 2020. Probably I’m looking forward for 2021. New year, new goals to work on, and new opportunities to chase. I also wish this pandemic will in 2021.

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging and set up in 2010. Initially, I set up my blog to sell my handmade accessories -which I’m no longer doing.

I never thought to take blogging seriously at that time. But later, I fell in love with blogging. That’s why I continue to blog. I am also pursuing my career as an author.

Besides writing in my blog, I contributed some articles to other websites and collaborated with other authors in freelance writing projects. So far in 2020, I already had three books published – 2 collaborations (Sahabat & Kari Ayam Cinta), and 1 solo book (Book Of Lifestyle, Travel, Pop-Culture, and Edutainment).

What do you blog about and why should we subscribe to your blog?

I blog about lifestyle, travel, pop culture, and edutainment.

Most of my readers said that my blog is a platform for them to learn about Asian pop culture, celebrities, and books. Most of my readers also said that my content is very unique, interesting, has a lot of positive vibes, and very enjoyable to read.

Im very grateful for the compliments I received so far. I used these compliments to improve my blog better.

These are the reasons for readers to subscribe to my blog ^_^ Readers support motivates me to improve better.

What do you love most about being a blogger?

Being able to write and practice writing (creative writing has always been my no.1 passion). I also enjoy sharing my opinions, imaginations and express myself by writing. I believe my writings help others to know me better. And that is awesome.

What would you say is the most challenging part of blogging and how do you go about handling it?

Receiving harsh criticism. Some criticism is to help us improve but some are just to bring us down. So I always educate myself to be wise when receiving, judging and handling criticism.

Which resources do you think a blogger needs most to be successful?

There are a lot I think. Even I’m also still learning about these resources. Most importantly, a blogger needs resources that are suitable for their niche.

What are your interests outside of blogging?

Besides blogging, I also love writing, drawing, reading, traveling, shopping, cycling, music, and enjoying girls’ day out with my girls.

Are you an avid reader and what are your currently reading?

Yes, avid reader is my middle name. Hehehe. I’m now reading Imamku, Lelaki Pendosa by Umie Nadzimah. I just started reading it last two days but already got hooked to it. Umie nadzimah is an awesome writer.

How did you feel after hitting publish on your very first blog post and what was it about?

Oh wow……..that was so long time ago. I don’t remember how I felt at that time. The post was an introduction to my blog.

Who are some of your favourite bloggers and why?

Well, I have a lot of favourite bloggers. But for this interview, I’m only going to list my current top 3….

1) Dad Does Autism

This blog is owned by Mr. Adam New. He is a father of two autistic kids. Mr. New shares his life as a father of two autistic kids on his blog.

To me, Dad Does Autism is a very lively blog. I learned a lot of things about autism kids and parenting from reading this blog. Plus, reading Dad Does Autism makes me happy.

2) Mari The Illustrious

This blog is owned by Mari. Mari is an Asian-American blogger who blogs about lifestyle, beauty, and kawaii things. This blog is very enjoyable to read.

3) Beautiful & Glam by Rawlins

This blog is owned by a Malaysian blogger named Rawlins. Rawlins blogs about lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and product reviews. I like his style of writing.

Sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Fadima and have found a new blogger to follow.

Thanks to our lovely guest, Fadima, for taking part in my blogger interview series. I truly appreciate it and it’s been fun getting to know her.

Catch Fadima on Instagram (for her writing account click here and for art click here) as well as Facebook. You can also follow Fadima on Twitter and subscribe to her blog – Fadima Mooneira.

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