Cape Town Journal: Entry #13

July 31st, 2021

Yesterday I went out and experienced drinking in Cape Town for the first time!

I had a blast and then called it a night early upon realizing my cellphone had disappeared. Funny enough, the last time I recall using it was when I was making a quick note on my phone for a blog post.

My sister’s friends are pretty cool and chilled people, it was good vibes only. My sister informed me this morning how I had a little too much to drink and ended up puking on the sidewalk hahaha.

I had fun but I am wondering at which point in the night my phone vanished. It was in my bag so I’m baffled as to how it got out. Did I take it out and leave it on the table somewhere? But I would never have done that…

Anyway, our day started off at The Fat Cactus, this is the very first bar I’ve visited here. I liked the vibe of the place, definitely a post I’d frequent and it’s a walking distance away.

Supposed to go out for drinks with a friend today but I cancelled because a) I was too sad and b) I was hella hungover this morning. I kind of don’t want to be anywhere near alcohol today.

The mere thought of it is making me want to puke.

I hate how these stupid find my phone features never actually work! What do people do with cellphones that require facial recognition and a fingerprint to unlock them?

Clearly these criminals work with people who know how to bypass these things or they wouldn’t bother stealing our phones…Jeepers, I just got annoyed all over again.

My parents have spent so much money on me to build a new life for myself here and on top of all that, I need to ask them to replace my phone. I wonder if it was insured… I want to ask but I also don’t really want to talk about it.

Ended up calling my mom with my sister’s phone and it looks like I’ll be getting a new phone on Monday which is great news!

I am spending the rest of the day in my bed binge-watching The Good Doctor.

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