Back in The Mother City

On May first, I took a flight to Cape Town to come and look after my baby sis. It felt so good being back here even though I wish it was under better circumstances. I loved how familiar everything felt. Honestly though, despite how expensive it is, this is a city I could see myself […]

Cape Town Journal: Entry #25

September 29th, 2021 OMG I loathe packing. I wish someone else could do it for me and also,why do I have so much stuff??? Still haven’t gotten rid of my bed and it’s really stressing me the fuck out because A. I need the money and B. I’m leaving TOMORROW. I’ve been trying to sell […]

Cape Town Journal: Entry #21

September 9th, 2021 It’s kinda weird and fills me with pride at the same time when I watch my sister work. Sometimes it reminds me of how unsuccessful and lost I am when it comes to my career. My dad is now also suggesting I look into doing nails for a living and it’s not […]

Cape Town Journal: Entry #20

September 8th, 2021 Just got off the phone with my dad about my situation. We’ve decided, since I haven’t secured a job here, maybe it would be best for me to go back home. Cape Town is bloody expensive for someone who is NOT a working professional. I am not feeling any “typa way” about […]

Cape Town Journal: Entry #16

August 15th, 2021 My job interview on Wednesday went quite well, got some positive feedback from the young lady who hooked me up. I ended up doing it online, from home, because I woke up feeling fluey. The bad news is that I’m still feeling fluey… I just love Fridays, there’s just all this positive […]

Cape Town Journal: Entry #15

August 10th, 2021 Yesterday for the first time ever I went to a Chinese restaurant and tried to eat sushi with chopsticks. What a wow! Sushi breakfasts should be a thing I tell you. I have terrible coordination. I kinda got it in the end. Dropped the sushi into the soy sauce bowl and splattered […]

Cape Town Journal: Entry #13

July 31st, 2021 Yesterday I went out and experienced drinking in Cape Town for the first time! I had a blast and then called it a night early upon realizing my cellphone had disappeared. Funny enough, the last time I recall using it was when I was making a quick note on my phone for […]

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