Cape Town Journal: Entry #14

August 4th, 2021

Yesterday morning, I opened my emails to some good news, I’ve been shortlisted for a job!!! Do you know how long I have waited for this??? It’s been over a year and I’m so excited.

Such great news after the weekend I had and I’ve just been notified my new phone is on the way. Oh, what a day!

I started a new book. The one I was reading is kind of not doing it for me and I don’t know why. My next read is Thirteen Hours which was actually written by Deon Meyer and the story takes place here, in Cape Town, how exciting!

Feel like my life is finally taking a turn for the better. I’m feeling pretty hopeful and positive right now.

So writing down your plans and hopes really does help them to manifest huh?

I’ve been making lists forever but this time in my journal I put a timeline (because I’m kind of on a deadline here). I was practically given 3 months to get my shit together and find a job because whether or not that happens, I’m losing the place I’m currently staying at so I need to move my ass!

I see (and feel) more and more each day how moving here was such a great move on my part. It really has opened me up more and I’ve stopped feeling trapped like my life is on a loop.

I feel like my sister and I have gotten fitter. We went for a run last night and it felt easier than it was last week. I am so excited to see the transformation in my body after doing it for a month. Think my legs are already shaping up nicely but that could be my imagination hahaha.

I am still phoneless, I wonder when my phone is going to arrive. Feeling so out of touch with people but then again not having a phone has allowed me to read and write more which is a great thing.

Not having a phone is just not normal lol. I am patiently waiting…

Oh, the person who stole my phone nearly cleaned us out because my sister discovered she no longer has her bank card.

What a night Friday was huh?

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