Sustainable Periods – A Must!

With the cost of living consistently on the rise and the health of our planet at stake, it’s crucial, now more than ever, to switch to more sustainable and reusable products. Sustainable periods are something for all women to think about (provided they can afford to). What I mean by sustainable periods is making that […]

50 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello hello! What are some of the things that make you happy? I’m in a fantastic mood right now and after reading Thirteen Thought’s blog post, I decided to do write my own “50 things that make me happy” list and share it with you guys. I always try to find happiness every day but […]

More Self-Care Tips To Implement Now

Selfcare should be everyone’s number 1 priority! Selfcare is not just about looking after yourself on the inside, it’s about taking care of yourself in all aspects including body and mind. If you ask me, it’s key to better mental and physical health. It’s been increasingly important to practice self-care these days to ensure we […]

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