My First Solo Date

I decided to try something new and go out by myself. Usually when my friends are unavailable, I abort the mission, but I’m kind of tired of doing that. They are parents now, so they are unavailable more often. I’ve been put alone before but it’s usually to the beach so this was a little […]

More Self-Care Tips To Implement Now

Selfcare should be everyone’s number 1 priority! Selfcare is not just about looking after yourself on the inside, it’s about taking care of yourself in all aspects including body and mind. If you ask me, it’s key to better mental and physical health. It’s been increasingly important to practice self-care these days to ensure we […]

Why Self-Care Is Important

We look after other people and our things so well. We take our cars for service and change the oil, have gardeners to help us maintain our beautiful gardens, housekeepers for our homes… So why do we neglect to take care of ourselves? Let’s discuss why self-care is important. Life can get a bit hectic […]

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