30 Before 30 Update

Welcome to my blog and thank you for joining me for my “30 Before 30″ Update.

I wrote a 30 Before 30 post last year. Since the time is drawing nearer, I just thought it was high time I did an update.

If you need a reminder as to what was on my list then you can check it out here. I’m just gonna touch on a few of the items on my checklist that there’s progress on. I will also mention the one’s I am still working towards.

So this is how I’ve done so far:

With regards to completing my degree, that is most definitely not going to happen. My qualification was discontinued; which initially had caused me to feel a great amount of anger and frustration.

I am now focusing my energy on things I can actually accomplish.

I am still struggling to secure employment but I have decided that my main focus right now should be on the monetization of my blog and earning an income from that. This also ties back to my goal of earning a good, stable income and starting a side hustle (which would actually be my main hustle since there’s nothing else at the moment lol).

I have started working on my own brand. I hope to be able to launch sometime in the near future. I’m trying to obtain funds to help me with that. It’s not easy!

Participating in a 5km walk or run is something I have yet to do. However, I have been walking more often as I am taking part in the Samsung Health Challenges using the app and my Samsung Galaxy Fit.

FYI you can get yourself one of these smartwatches and take part in the challenges too! I find it fun to compete against my friends and see their progress on the app too.

I have definitely learnt to love myself enough to recognize when people don’t give me the same energy and walk away without feeling guilty. This was something I struggled with because I am a forgiving and nice person by default. I have been told I am a little TOO nice at times.

Covid19 is a huge part of the reason why I am so behind on my 30 Before 30 tasks. Lockdown restrictions hindered all of us from doing many things and affect our goal attainment to a certain degree.

I have a feeling that this list will be one of those where I surprisingly knock off multiple tasks in a short space of time. I have not lost hope yet!

In all honesty, I do sometimes find myself feeling frustrated at my lack of life accomplishments. I have felt this way quite often this month particularly with everything going on around me. At times I get the feeling that I should or could be doing so much more but I just don’t know how…

Writing your goals down in a diary or journal is a great help in accomplishing them and it feels good to tick off the ones you accomplished. It helps to boost your confidence to be able to obtain the rest of what you set out to achieve.

Anyway, let’s get on with our goal smashing and make the most of this year!


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