Being An Adult Student

I’m utterly exhausted and in desperate need of a vacation. Thank goodness my mini vacation starts today💃🏿. The first semester of 2023 is almost over and what a ride it’s been. From the late start due to late registrations, it’s been quite a journey and I’m glad it’s coming to an end. Being an adult […]

Juggling All These Roles

Sometimes I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I want to do so much and it’s challenging. There are also multiple people to please, myself included, and it requires constant sacrifice. I don’t even have kids and jeepers this is exhausting. I want to be good at balancing everything but how […]

Awesome Reasons To Love Remote Work

The Covid pandemic affected many peoples jobs and livelihoods and highlighted the importance of remote work. Many still haven’t returned to an office because it turned out working remotely made their employers realise it wasn’t necessary for them to physically be in an office. I started a new remote job at the beginning of the […]

2021 Life Audit

I’ve never done a life audit before so this is a first for me. Before I wrote this post, I researched how to conduct a life audit for myself and came across an article on, which was pretty useful. Ever since I moved back from Cape Town, something feels off… When you’re not happy […]

Great Hobbies To Start

A hobby is something you do for fun in your spare time. There are so many great hobbies you can choose from depending on your interests. I’ve recently decided to start gardening so I can spend more time getting fresh air outside and I find it relaxing. I’m also interested in growing my own fresh […]

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