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Today, I’m bringing you a skilled blogger by the name of Aditi, creator of the wellness blog Beyond The Daily Dose of Aditi.

Aditi believes that one should “bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humour, and most importantly, your heart”.

To find out more about Aditi and why she started her blog Beyond The Daily Dose of Aditi, continue reading.

Blogger Aditi, creator of Beyond the Daily Dose of Aditi

When did you start blogging and why?

I started because, in the summers, I was off of school. So, after a month, I thought that I needed to be more productive.

But what really sparked me, was when I was looking through my emails, and one of my teachers told me I was amazing at writing, and that I should keep working on it during the summer.

I thought about my parents, as they kept telling me about how a blog shows one’s creative side, and I really felt that motivation. I put so much work, effort, and time into making this blog I have today.

Tell us about your blogging journey so far:

It has been tough, I hit low traffic points and really needed those viewers. I was so invested in getting viewers I lost the motivation to actually write.

And a couple of weeks after, my studies began again. This really limited my time to write and edit my work. But, I ended up getting more people to notice me be promoting my site on a freeway.

I went through with Social media and just told my friends about it. I asked them to help tell their friends as well, and then I had access to getting more views.

I felt that excitement every time my phone would get a notification saying someone viewed it. Got views from all over the world, motivating me even more.

What do you struggle the most with as a blogger?

I struggle with getting the time to invest in my blog and finish the writing.

I always try my best to get as much spare time for it. It can really be hard for me. I have felt that stress and feeling of overwhelming tasks I need to finish.

I got stuck in a spot where I couldn’t do anything and was so stressed. 

Do you have any other creative talents?

Since I was around 3 years old, I have loved performing arts, like drama/acting, dancing, singing, etc.

I felt free and loved expressing my creativity. I was actually known for being the creative friend, making DIY escape rooms, treasure hunts, choreographing community dances and so forth.

But until recently, writing was never one of my main creative passions. I used to always like seeing the outcome and making my friends and family happy. That was the main reason I loved performing arts and making group activities.

Then, I found that push in writing when I thought the world could see my writing talent.

What do you think it takes to become a successful blogger?

It definitely takes the more cringy answers. Like, dedication, effort, hard work, and time. But, I feel someone needs to be able to be patient and take failure to fuel motivation.

You need to be able to experiment with different ideas and be open-minded to the feedback you may get.

At first, it’s hard to get traffic and show people your site, but after, it is even harder to maintain. To steadily grow, and not to lose your rhythm.

Which tools and resources do you use to help run your blog?

Since I am still studying, I am not investing money into my blog, so the tools I can utilize are limited. But I love using Social Media to promote myself in front of others.

I also recommend, Grammarly, Plagiarism Checkers, and  Canva.

Grammarly is amazing for polishing and editing your writing pieces to make them easier to read. And plagiarism checkers will be a huge part of your writing, I always try to keep my plagiarism levels under 10%.

And Canva is a tool to help you make interesting pictures to lure readers in, especially on Pinterest.

Are you planning on participating in Blogtober? Why or why not?

No, I feel that at this point, I have too many projects going on it will put me in that place where I can’t get anything done. I would like to participate the next time it goes on when I feel ready to take on this challenge.

What has been your most successful post?

I feel that my posts have all gotten around the same amount of views and likes, but the one that really got me going was the ‘How to Sleep in 5 Minutes’ one. Or my sleep memes one.

I think this was because I added a fun style of learning to them and really “upgraded” my posts. The links are here, check it out:

Lastly, why should we subscribe to your blog?

You should subscribe to my blog because it actually teaches you things in a fun way, like teaching a 4th grader!

I react to memes and teach you why they make sense. And I add perspective, one that’s different from most bloggers. Obviously, we all have a bias in our writing, because that is who we are are. But, mine is a new version, mine is of a child, which makes my writing more fascinating and more than just ordinary; extraordinary.

Lastly, because you won’t get 20 emails every day from me, you might get it once a week. I try my best to be consistent, but not annoying.

That’s the difference between me and other bloggers.

And that brings us to the end of yet another awesome Creative Corner interview. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know blogger Aditi.

If you’re on Wix, you can join Beyond the Daily Dose of Aditi using the code Z3YHZI.

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