Going Alcohol Free

It’s funny how things just seem to align for you. I recently decided to stop drinking and the other day I was listening to The Goal Digger podcast while I was washing the dishes and the episode that played was the one about alcohol and how it can affect our goals. Talk about divine intervention… […]

My Experience With Depression

by Kevin Mangelschots Depression, also known by some as the silent killer. And for good reasons. Little did I know I was going to find out firsthand why this disease was called this way. Because early on in my life, before the age of 16, everything was perfect. I did well in school, had loving […]

My Life on Anti-Depressants

Hey there, welcome! I want to share a little about my life on anti-depressants and what that experience was like. As mentioned previously, I suffer from depression hence I had to spend a small portion of my life on anti-depressants. I’m happy to say that “I have it under control”, even though I’m not sure […]

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