Cape Town Journal: Entry #12

July 27th, 2021

Super proud of myself, I’m feeling fitter and stronger by the day and I’ve really been pushing myself.

I’m loving the morning jogs with my sister and my new tights were super breathable and comfy. Cotton on makes awesome gym clothes, I think 90% of my gym attire is from them.

According to my watch, on this morning’s run, I did an hour and 5 minutes. YAY me!!! I feel quite tired, didn’t even have enough energy left to do a home workout this time around.

Jeepers my butt is sore! Good thing I stretched after that jog…

Job hunting really sucks! I still haven’t found anything yet but I am sure something will come up from the post I put up on LinkedIn, if it doesn’t then I’ll be 100% convinced that that platform is useless for those of us who aren’t professionals.

So this morning, I had a dream about an old friend from varsity that I haven’t spoken to since probably 2013. I wonder what that’s about…

I mean I stopped trying to get in touch with them a long time ago because they never responded to my texts or social media messages.

My friend thinks I need to get laid and sex is the LAST thing on my mind.

I’m more interested in just meeting new people and having fun right now, not getting into any sort of entanglement. I JUST GOT HERE! Really, I need to sort my shit out first and find a job before I can start thinking about men…

I accompanied my sister to the dentist in Rosemead again, just wanted to get out of the house. Remembered to bring a book along this time, to read while I wait in the car, so after balancing out my budget, I read One of Us is Lying.

A man walked by, beer in hand and I just thought to myself how I have yet to taste alcohol in my mouth since the alcohol restrictions were eased. I wonder when I’ll receive some money, not that I can buy alcohol with it anyway. There are more pressing matters to attend to.

I don’t know why I didn’t stay home, I wanted fresh air, I guess because I started feeling sleeping about 10 minutes into reading my book. My eyelids felt heavy and I could feel myself drifting away…

After taking a short nap, I woke up and decided that before I receive the money from my mom. I need to set a budget. I counted out the remainder of the money in my purse and input it into my Spending Tracker app; which gave me the idea that I should write a blog post about this. It’s also got me wondering when I’ll finally be able to receive income from my passion i. e my blog…

I’m exhausted now. Just took a quick shower now I’m getting into bed and getting ready to watch The Sinner on Netflix. I wish we had snacks but I can just hear my sister saying “skinny season is upon us” hahaha…

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