Cape Town Journal: Entry #16

August 15th, 2021

My job interview on Wednesday went quite well, got some positive feedback from the young lady who hooked me up.

I ended up doing it online, from home, because I woke up feeling fluey. The bad news is that I’m still feeling fluey…

I just love Fridays, there’s just all this positive energy flowing through the air.

Been sitting at this desk blogging basically the whole day, except when I was loading and unloading the washing machine and gotdamn it’s windy today, and not to mention cold!

My friends back home are apartment hunting, it’s so great to see how we all seem to be moving up in life and moving out. First, me, taking the biggest leap of my life to Cape Town now my buddies are getting their own home. I cannot wait to get back and go check it out!

My sister went out so I was home alone. Couldn’t even invite a friend over because I’m so fluey so I did what I usually do and binge-watched something…

Craving hot chocolate right now but we’re out, so sad.

Today, I’m sitting in bed drinking disgusting ass tea because I’m feeling under the weather (It’s a mixture of lemon, lemon and ginger tea and crushed garlic and personally, I prefer my garlic in my food).

I’ve been quite phlegmy the last few days and haven’t gotten all that much better since interview day but at least I’m not coughing anymore.

Going to be doing the steam inhalation thing a couple of times a day to keep my airways open. I need to get better soon so that we can resume running along the beach again.

So I’ve been thinking… if my parents had enough money for me to relocate surely they can invest a little in my blog so I can make money from it… I mean, I came here to try to find a job in 3 months,

I’ve landed 1 interview (it went well) and I’m still waiting to hear back so I’ve essentially got 1 and a half months left to get a job, find a place to live and figure out how to sustain myself in the long run.

When I think about how much money has been poured into me now, I ask myself why when I just wanted some cash to buy a domain and set my blog up for monetization (which would have been significantly less cheap), was that not something my parents were willing to do? Maybe because getting a job sounds like something more stable? I don’t know…

Anyway, I am feeling a little stressed out right about now but I’m going to try to think positive, things will work out for the better… even if I have to go back home, I won’t be going back the same girl that I was when I left.

I feel different and maybe Cape Town was just meant to be my chance to reboot… I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens because a lot can happen in a month (which is exactly what my father said).

P.S it’s fucken weird when you’re the firstborn yet you’re the one who still needs help from your parents because your life hasn’t come together fast enough hahaha…

I hate it! I’m grateful but I hate it.

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