Cape Town Journal: Entry #19

August 31st, 2021

Oh, what a lovely weekend I had! Only came home last night.

So here’s a rundown of what’s been happening in my life:

I had a job interview last week for a job that sounds right up my alley, the only problem is it’s unpaid and at this point in time, I can’t do unpaid work. The other job I interviewed for; which I was also excited about, I didn’t land and I have a month left to find a job now.

This past weekend, my old friend of over 10 years whom I hadn’t seen since 2013 came to pick me up for a girls weekend. I had such a blast and it was just what I needed.

We went wine tasting at Simonsig; which was so much fun and a completely new experience for me. I’ve never been wine tasting before and I know nothing about wine hahaha but the wines tasted so good and I’ll know what to look for next time I’m looking for a nice wine…

My friend was busy on my Tinder because she thought I was being too picky and got a bunch of matches for me. I have a love/hate relationship with Tinder because I believe it works for others and not for me. I can’t take people I meet online seriously and I find it easier to connect with someone in person but we’ll see how it goes this time seeing as I’m in a bigger city so there are many more potential love interest potentials.

It would really be nice to connect with someone because it’s been so long…

My sister and I grabbed dinner at Societi tonight. I ordered the olive oil and basil pasta with feta. It was mouth-wateringly delicious and hands down the best pasta I’ve ever had. I also had gin with basil and pomegranate, yummy!

Afterwards, we headed to The Labia to watch the movie Old; which I found quite interesting but it could have been better…

I am so full that I’m struggling to sleep so I’ll just go and watch Modern Family until I doze off.

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