Cape Town Journal: Entry #9

July 23rd, 2021

Upwork has yet to yield something solid for me. The lady I was supposed to have a meeting with at 10, was a no-show. It’s now 10:20 and I can’t wait around all day. Hopefully, we can reschedule. I was actually looking forward to taking that test…

The part above was written in the AM.

I got a response eventually at 3 PM, apparently, they had a power outage. I wanted to reschedule for Monday because my brain was fried.

My friend that lives close by is busy tonight and my sister is going out, guess it’s just going to be me, myself and I tonight. I wish I had a shit load of snacks to accompany the binge-watching that’s going to go down…

I’m finding myself missing my East London friends today, I wonder what they’re up to. I will probably call them latest just to say hi and tell them I miss them.

I finally submitted my piece for Upwork so now I’m just waiting to hear back. Had a long phone call with a friend so that was fun.

I’m spending tonight alone watching series, my sister’s gone out and I’m worried I’ll be left in the dark and forced to sleep because the electricity could run out but I’m going to try my luck and see how many episodes of The Mess You Leave Behind I can watch before that happens.

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