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Hello! Welcome to Creative Corner, a segment on the blog where we get to know a cool creative and hear what they’re all about.

We have Cosmic Tarryn on the blog with us today and we’ll be getting to know the individual behind the blog.

Super pleased to have a fellow South African on the blog!

Cosmic Tarryn is a South African blogger who loves interviewing I people on their blog, exploring the digital world, & writing about their (mis)adventures.

Hear more about Cosmic Tarryn below. Hopefully at the end of this post, you’ll have found another blogger who’s content you enjoy!

Blogger Cosmic Tarryn

Why did you start blogging?

My first blog was started as part of a fundraising initiative for my sick mother. She had cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant which the medical aid would not pay for.

This blog I started to share people’s stories. There are so many people who do not get the opportunity to showcase their work or talents because … reasons. So, I wanted to create a platform where this could happen without the price tag attached.

Who is your ideal reader?

A curious mind. A kind heart. An adept thinker. A shy speaker. An intuitive reader. A story lover.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Life! Whooo! I’m surrounded by chaos. Something is always happening in my sphere. The stories we have are sometimes so unbelievable and then we didn’t take photos for proof.

Ai… The things that happen to me and my friends and my family can be so unreal and hilarious. Never a dull a moment.

How do you stay motivated to keep blogging?

That’s a really tough question. From past experience I had two other blogs that now no longer exist because there was a lack of motivation to continue. So now I am trying to keep my focus on the story and not the numbers. Only time will tell if the motivation stays.

Which topics do you write about the most?

 Interviews. Q&A style with all sorts of people. It’s very rewarding to be able to showcase someone’s work or talents or just them.

What has been your most successful blog post and why do you think it did so well?

As I mentioned I don’t really look at the numbers anymore. I think based on comments that would be the interview with UnwantedLife, a mental health blogger from the UK.

Further, I would reckon the interview with author Sein Ares also attracted a lot of attention due to the book trailer he allowed us to include in the post. Both very interesting, very different people that I am so happy to have had on the blog.

What are your interests outside of blogging?

Food! Haibo, I’m South African and from Cape Town. The cuisine scene is just on a whole other level. And I do hope my favourite restaurants survive the pandemic. It would be such a shame if some of the outlets closed. #SupportLocal

What do you look forward to the most around the holiday season?

TBH… I don’t really look forward to the holidays. We lost my Mom around that time and it just kinda left a huge void in the family. She was the one with the holiday spirit and got the family together for celebrations. We miss her greatly and it just felt like the right time to celebrate without her.

Do you have any special holiday traditions that you’d like to share?

The younger generation would have to decorate the holiday table according to a specific theme. When it was my turn, I made origami styled napkins (swans, boats, trees) and went with a very elegant blue, white, and silver table style.

Why should the readers subscribe to your blog?

Of course, #SupportLocal but also every interview has unique content highlighting aspects of creativity within different industries. Soon I hope to start doing special in depth features and I will be sharing some of my own thoughts in longer styled creative posts.

Stay tuned!

Thank you for joining Cosmic Tarryn and me on the Creative Corner today. Hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know this amazing blogger.

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P.S if you missed it, you can catch my interview on Cosmic Tarryn’s blog here.


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