More Self-Care Tips To Implement Now

Selfcare should be everyone’s number 1 priority!

Selfcare is not just about looking after yourself on the inside, it’s about taking care of yourself in all aspects including body and mind.

If you ask me, it’s key to better mental and physical health.

It’s been increasingly important to practice self-care these days to ensure we keep positive and look after ourselves because of this Covid19 pandemic. We must look after both our mental and physical health.

“Why Self-Care Is Important”

Here are more self-care tips:

Know when to say no and say it with conviction

It’s important to know when to say no and say it with conviction whether it be to friends, family, or at work.

When it comes to friends it’s easy to want to please or accommodate everyone but there’s only so much free time.

You need to be able to have alone time when you’re not at work to be able to rest or work on your own personal things. How are you going to do that or grow as a person if you’re also with your friends simply because you don’t have the balls to ask for space?

It’s okay to turn down invitations to parties or hang out for “me-time”. If you feel like you just want to relax all by yourself or feel like doing nothing all weekend instead of being surrounded by people then do it.

Say “no” and say it with conviction, just don’t be rude about it. Your friends should understand that you need space from time to time and if they don’t, you need new ones lol.

At work, don’t overload yourself unnecessarily with work just because you want to please. There is such a thing as working too much and it leads to burnout.

I understand that your workload isn’t always your choice but try not to take on too much and say no when you can.

Surround yourself with good, positive people

I believe we’re kind of like sponges, we absorb so much from the things and people around us, sometimes unintentionally.

They say that “who you surround yourself with, you become” and I totally agree with this. Yes, some people are more resilient than others and aren’t affected by things as easily but subconsciously we pick up energy from the people we are constantly surrounded by.

So when you have the choice, choose to surround yourself with good, positive people. people you can actually turn to in times of need and people that help you to grow as a person.

All I’m saying is pick your friends wisely!

Follow your intuition

Allow your intuition to guide you and you’ll never go wrong.

If something gives you “bad vibes” STAY AWAY, there’s a reason you’re feeling that way. You may now know why but believe me there’s a reason.

Create a self-care checklist for yourself to follow

A self-care checklist is a checklist of all your self-care tasks.

You can make a daily or weekly checklist of tasks you MUST complete as part of your self-care routine to keep you happy and healthy. Examples of tasks to include in your checklist are:

  • daily meditation
  • doing yoga
  • being active
  • disconnecting from social media
  • having a healthy breakfast

Those are just a few examples of things that can be included in your self-care checklist. You can add whatever you want that makes you feel good.

Create your own checklist or use one of the ones available on Pinterest. I have one for myself on my phone that I refer to daily not just for self-care but to keep track of my goal progress.

It’s super easy and quick to create your own using your phone’s notebook.

Express yourself

Share your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. Your thoughts and feelings are valid.

If you want to cry, cry. If you feel disrespected or hurt by someone tell them.

If you’re feeling happy, enjoy it and spread that joy and happiness!

Don’t be afraid to truly express how you feel especially when it comes to good, positive emotions. Share them.

If you feel like dancing then do it. Sing along to your favourite song.

However, you want to express yourself is okay as long as it’s not purposefully hurting anyone else.

Feel free to just be YOU!

Rest and Relaxation


Take a time out and rest. Listen to your body.

Those are just a few more self-care tips you can implement in your life. I suggest you start with the self-care checklist.

Decide which self-care ideas you want to try and write them down then every day or week tick off the things you’ve done. Pretty soon it will become part of your routine and you’ll begin to feel lighter and happier.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you again soon.


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