My Experience Getting the Covid Vaccine

There are mixed feelings toward the Covid vaccine. Some people believe it will alter our DNA, others don’t want it because they’re suspicious of how quick it was developed and I just don’t wanna die.

So I went and got vaccinated!

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My Experience Getting The Covid Vaccine

I got my first jab while I was in Cape Town at the CITCC.

My sister had actually booked for that day and I was accompanying her but when I got there I thought I might as well just get it over and done with. As long as you’re registered already, they’ll vaccinate you.

I thought it would take FOREVER but they’re actually pretty well organised and the whole process was quick.

There were arrows to show you where to go and people along the way to help.

After getting the Pfizer jab I had some drinks, which you’re not supposed to do (I was drinking before I went because I wasn’t planning on getting vaccinated that day) but the last who jabbed me didn’t tell me that… Anyway, nothing happened, I was fine.

Oh, before you leave they make you sit in a waiting area for about 15 minutes to see if you’ll have any adverse reactions to the vaccine. If you’re fine then you can leave.

I only felt the effects of the vaccination when it was time to go to bed. My left arm, the arm that was injected felt so heavy and painful to sleep on; which was a challenge because that’s the side I sleep on. The next day I woke up, worked out through the arm stiffness and I was fine.

Good thing I got the jab on my non-dominant arm or else I would have been useless. The stiffness would return if I didn’t move my arm for long periods but it wasn’t THAT bad but then again I’m used to pain so I might not be the best judge hahaha.

I got my second jab at the Clicks pharmacy; which was a walking distance from home. They aren’t that busy because I woke up and made a booking and got a slot the same day.

Their process was quick and simple but I got annoyed when the nurse told me there might be a 3rd dose of the vaccine in the near future… WTF!? I thought I was done with this shit!

Anyway, I could still feel my first shot in my left arm; which is why the second time around I got jabbed in my right arm. I did for a second think that wasn’t a good move based on the after-effects the last time and having your dominant arm kind of stiff is a huge inconvenience.

Luckily, nothing happened. It’s a week after my second shot and my right arm is just fine BUT I can still kinda feel my first jab in the other arm…

Other than that, I’m perfectly fine. However, I had an unusually long period after the first jab so it must have been from the Covid vaccine. My period lasted for like a week but that could also have been a result of other factors such as stress from job hunting.

That was my experience getting vaccinated, see it wasn’t THAT bad.

FYI my mom is against the Covid vaccination and I respect her decision. My sister and I are the only ones in the family who have been fully vaccinated as far as I know.

Have you been vaccinated yet? What are your thoughts on the subject? Let me know in the comments.

If you’re an anti-vaxxer please share why, I’m curious to hear your viewpoints.

9 thoughts on “My Experience Getting the Covid Vaccine

  1. Glad to hear you got the vaccine! I got the first Phizer shot, and my arm was sore for three days. Also, a few hours after the jab I had a headache, later fever, then exhaustion, then nausea. It feels like I had the whole COVID experience in one day. I cannot wait to get my second shot.
    To all the people complaining saying that they don’t trust the vaccine, I’m usually like, “Bra, you don’t know what’s in polony and we’ve been eating that our entire lives. Chill.”

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