Why I Love Blogging

Welcome to my lifestyle blog, Weird & Liberated, where I share my thoughts, dreams, ideas and babble on about all aspects of life. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you all of the reasons why I love blogging.

Blogging is great as a career or a hobby (just a hobby for me – for now…). I for one really love it, once I got started I just couldn’t stop. I have been blogging for a year now and my baby is getting bigger and better by the day.

To read about how my blogging journey began, click here!

As for why I love blogging, well…


Why I Love Blogging

It introduces you to new people and ideas

Since I’ve started blogging, I have had the pleasure of being interviewed and interviewing fellow bloggers. I have also gained a significant following on Twitter and I actually have personal conversations with some bloggers.

You get to express your creativity

Blogging has allowed me to show my creative side. Coming up with content and post titles helps with making one more creative ad expressing the creativity one already has.

You learn a lot about yourself

Through blogging, I have actually learnt quite a bit about myself. I have discovered just how much I enjoy writing and that I’m actually good at it (not to blow my own horn or anything). I used to believe I was talentless at some stage in life but we all have a gift and I guess mine is in writing.

Working with other bloggers

Blogging exposes you to many creatives and like-minded individuals and working with them is absolutely amazing, whether is by being interviewed for their blogs, you interviewing them for yours or through guest posting and collaborations; blogging allows you to network and expose you to a new audience and build lasting relationships with other bloggers.

It’s a great way to make friends!

The community is super friendly and supportive

Bloggers are so welcoming when you are new and are super supportive. There is always someone willing to lend a helping hand as well as give you tips and help you become a better blogger, that’s if you’re willing to listen.

Stress relief

I find that coming home and working on my blog posts after a long stressful day helps to put my mind at ease and met the stress away.

Blogging can be a great break from the everyday thrills of life when you just want to wind down and relieve stress.

It’s fun

Blogging can be so much fun. Yes, it takes work and time but it is also so enjoyable. I personally enjoy the process of coming up with new ideas for posts and seeing my ideas come to life when the final piece is up.

It improves your writing and language skills

Blogging is essentially writing, just a more relaxed form if you ask me. The more you do it, the better your writing and language skills become. It can help you improve your vocabulary and find alternative and more interesting ways of expressing your thoughts and ideas using words.

My blog is my child, my baby… I’ve nurtured her and I am watching her grow more and more each day. Feel like a proud mama! I enjoy coming home at the end of a long day, switching on my laptop and seeing what’s new on the blog.

Never anticipated I’d be spending this much time working on blogging and writing and editing posts but here I am. And I am enjoying it.

I didn’t even really think I would gain the following that I have thus far.

If you’ve ever contemplated giving blogging a chance and you enjoy writing then you should go ahead and do it; start that blog you’ve been thinking about. There are people out there that are eager to hear what you have to say.



For me, it’s not about how many subscribers or followers I have. My blog has been my safe haven even in the darkest of times. If you like what I have to say then that’s freaken fantastic but if you don’t, that’s okay.

I am doing this for me because this is what brings me solace.

A true-crime-obsessed, quirky lifestyle blogger from the coastal city of East London, South Africa whose interests include reading, writing and fitness. Find me on Twitter @WeirdnLiberated.
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