5 Things I Love About The Summertime

*singing* “Summer summer summertime”

I absolutely love summer!

It’s my favourite season because you get to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. There’s nothing like the sunshine on a warm summer’s day…

First and foremost, you should ALWAYS wear sunblock when going outside to protect your beautiful skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

I highly recommend Cetaphil Daylong SPF 50+ which works perfectly, even on overly sensitive skin like mine. Great for the face and body!


Long days and hot summer nights

It’s hot even during nighttime in summer (sometimes uncomfortably so) and I love chilling outdoors when it gets like that; which brings us to another thing I love in the summer…


Or as Americans call it, a barbeque!

I love having braais and enjoying a few alcoholic beverages with friends and family on a beautiful summer day. It’s a great way to spend quality time and have fun with the ones you love.

My favourite is braaied fish. I think braaied fish tastes absolutely scrumptious, my dad is usually in charge of the braaing because I don’t think the rest of us actually know what we’re doing lol.

Chilling riverside

One of my favourite chill spots in my hometown, East London(ZA) is Nahoon River.

It is mostly peaceful and chilled with a few great spots to set up a picnic and enjoy the scenery. Also an awesome spot to braai with friends and family.

Beach day!

What’s more perfect on a hot summer day than a day at the beach?

I love going to one of the nearby beaches and having a good time creating memories with my friends. We always have an amazing time.

I don’t really swim at the beach though, I might dip my toes but that’s about it. I mostly enjoy just being on the sand.

All 3 of the above activities are usually accompanied by an ice-cold cider, preferably a Savanna, heaps of laughter and the creation of lasting memories with loved ones (that’s when we don’t bicker).

Summer fashion

I love showing legs and summertime is the best time to put on those boyshorts, short summer dresses and crop tops.

I barely even buy Winter clothing…

This summer has been a bit of a doozy though due to lockdown.

They’ve closed the beautiful beaches to curb the spread of the virus which made me really sad because the beach is my happy place but hey, at least I have access to a swimming pool if I wanna cool off in the water.

To sum up, these are the things I look forward to and love about summer – long days and hot summer nights, braais, chilling riverside, beach day and summer fashion.

I mean, who doesn’t like bikini season (not that mine fits me anymore from all the junk I’ve been eating and lack of exercise)?

What do you love most about summer? Share it with me in the comments.

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