Cape Town Journal: Entry #1 & 2

July 12th, 2021

It’s cold as fuck here and my little body HATES the cold. Definitely need to invest in fluffy socks.

We’re still waiting for a fridge so we’ve been eating takeout and bread basically every day. The first almost real meal we ate was yesterday when we had the cooked food from the deli at Checkers.

Tonight we’re ordering in from Spur. At least I’ve been working out so I don’t feel as bad as I would otherwise.

On the job front, there aren’t any shortlistings yet but I’m still feeling optimistic. I had a bit of a rough time the other night when I got inside my own head and my sister had to remind me to chill. I’ve only been here for a week.

I’ve never lived in a place with no washing line before. Goes to show this apartment building is for rich people who can afford to buy washers and dryers hahaha.

When’s this damn president going to let us out so I can actually go and experience the nightlife here. I wanna have a good time and fully experience all that Cape Town has to offer. Plus I haven’t had a drink in a while now.

My step count was appalling today on account of the weather. I’ve barely moved around today.

July 13th,2021

This morning my bedding arrived, still waiting for my actual bed. I’m super excited I’ll finally have my own room soon (and so is my sister).

Today I’m feeling great, super motivated and positive that my job applications will yield something good pretty soon.

I love it here; especially where I’m living right now. Tamboerskloof is super chilled and the quiet is a lovely change compared to at home where you hear taxis going up and down and the loud music from people parked outside the yard to go to the spaza shop.

I’m also happy to be away from the drama at home. My mom called me yesterday to tell me about my nephew and I’m glad I’m not there to have to deal with any of that shit.

The idea to do this actually came from my sister. I could have used a journal to document my time here but I figured I’d take you on this journey with me so you can also see how much I change and grow during my time here. So it’s going to be a blog post series.

I think this place will be good for me. Can feel a change inside me already.

Really love how everyone is just being themselves and minding their own business here.

I feel like this is the place where I’ll truly discover myself and grow as a person. I’m super grateful I got the opportunity to start over and build a different, hopefully better, life for myself. A life I don’t want to run away from…

P.S living with your sibling, as adults, away from everyone is pretty cool!

It’s great to see how my younger sister has grown as a woman and is now a fully-fledged adult with her own life and I also get to see her in action, kicking ass at her job (she’s an art director) since she’s been working from home.


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