Cape Town Journal: Entry #18

August 26th, 2021

Ya girl done scored herself another interview!

And this time it’s for a writing job, super fucken exciting!!!

I’m not loving this weather here today because I’m freezing my ass off and it makes me not want to leave the house on the weekend I’m supposed to go and stay with my friends of over a decade whom I haven’t seen in like 7 years…

Feeling highly optimistic these days. I feel like I can do this. I got this!

My blog is growing so much and I feel so happy and proud of myself. It feels so good to be doing something that you love and start getting recognition for it without having to bust your balls.

The wind is NOT playing games today and it is freezing cold. The kind of weather for hot chocolate, some great movies and a blankie.

I’ve also been taking very good care of myself lately. This is the first time this year where I’ve finished my multivitamins and my body feels healthier too. I don’t know why I wasn’t bothering to take them before…

There’s been so much talk about this Covid vaccine and why we shouldn’t take it. I’m just going to bite the bullet and go and get vaccinated.

What I’m worried about the most is if it will affect my ability to have kids and I haven’t heard anything saying that it will and that’s pretty much all I’m concerned about.

Some of these other theories just sound like complete hogwash.

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