50 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello hello! What are some of the things that make you happy?

I’m in a fantastic mood right now and after reading Thirteen Thought’s blog post, I decided to do write my own “50 things that make me happy” list and share it with you guys.

I always try to find happiness every day but some days you gotta try a little bit harder to find it but believe me, it’s there.

Happiness can be found in even the smallest of things if you really take the time to savour and enjoy them.


Here’s my list of 50 things (big and small) that make me happy:

  1. long, hot and steamy bubble baths
  2. chocolate
  3. a good cuppa coffee
  4. movie marathons
  5. games night
  6. cuddles
  7. being at the beach
  8. binge-watching a good series
  9. supporting loved ones (including friends) and seeing them thrive
  10. long phone calls with my sister
  11. enjoying a good book
  12. reading and hearing inspirational stories (success stories)
  13. working out and working up a sweat
  14. sleeping in
  15. unexpected visits from people I miss
  16. the smell of fresh laundry ( look’s like Thirteen Thoughts and I have this in common)
  17. discovering something new
  18. an ice-cold Savanna lemon
  19. the smell of fresh popcorn
  20. long drives
  21. sunbathing (NEVER forget your sunscreen!)
  22. making memories with friends and family
  23. drunken adventures with friends
  24. discovering new, good music
  25. unplanned events that turn out to be epic
  26. movies with good storylines and unpredictable endings
  27. getting new stuff (especially clothes)
  28. playing with babies and seeing them smile (truly melts my heart)
  29. finally figuring out something I’ve been struggling with
  30. great conversations with strangers
  31. playing board games
  32. writing/blogging
  33. lazing around in my pyjamas
  34. sweet, sugary treats
  35. money
  36. getting my hair done and rocking a fresh look
  37. manicures
  38. when people read and comment on my blog posts
  39. feeling heard
  40. going out to eat
  41. phone calls with friends and loved ones that I haven’t seen in a while that end up lasting for hours
  42. crunchy potatoes
  43. a smile from a stranger
  44. fast food
  45. receiving positive feedback and comments on my blog posts
  46. chilled nights in with friends
  47. picnics by the river
  48. family braais
  49. chilling poolside
  50. being around people who make me laugh

So, that’s my list of 50 things that make me happy.

Happy baby Yoda

What makes you as happy? Let me know in the comments.

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P.S the key to being happy is to find joy in even the small things besides, happiness is a choice!


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