How To Approach Blogtober

If you don’t wanna end up like me, falling behind and backdating your Blogtober posts then this is for you! I’m going to tell you how you should approach Blogtober… Blogtober is a challenging month for blogging. Coming up with 31 blog posts for every day of the month isn’t a small or easy task. […]

The Halotober Blog Tag

Welcome to Weird & Liberated. Thanks for joining me on the blog today and happy Halloween. First of all, this is my first Halloween tag, we don’t even celebrate Halloween here so this is gonna be might interesting. A big thank you to Invincible Woman on Wheels for tagging me and including me in this. […]

Blogtober Blogging Advice

Many bloggers are partaking in Blogtober each year and I’m sure you’re wondering, “how in the hell do they do it?” It’s probably more simple than it sounds to be able to publish fresh content every day. The advice I’m going to give you is advice I wish I’d been given myself when I first […]

It’s Blogtober!

I’m super excited because today is the first day of Blogtober (and also the first day of exam season)! If you don’t know what Blogtober is; in the month of October, bloggers publish new posts every single day for the entire month. I’ve done it before but it wasn’t a huge success largely due to […]

How To Support The Bloggers You Love

Bloggers work hard! We pour so much love and time into the posts we write so it feels good when people acknowledge our work. There’s so much more to blogging than just writing posts and hitting publish. You guys get to see the finished product but sometimes what goes on behind the scenes isn’t always […]

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