An Unexpected Day Off

Got to the office and it was still key blocked so I headed to the gym and then the beach to go and process some trauma that recently crept up on me.

It was an interesting morning, I must tell you. Lots was buzzing through my mind but it’s nothing a trip to the beach wouldn’t fix.

I go to the beach alone often just to relax and unwind. I always bring a book to read in case I get tired of my own thoughts.

I’m envious of people who are housewives or are self employed after being off the past few days and going to the gym at around 8AM, which is the perfect time I tell you. What I wasn’t expecting though, is the amount of people that were there. I thought it would be way quieter than it was but I wasn’t complaining.

There’s something special about the ocean and I feel super blessed to live in driving distance to it. I’ve been visiting the beach more often lately, one of the best natural remedies to melt away your troubles or just get some fresh air.

Taking the day off even though it was not by choice, made me realize how important it is that we take breaks every now and again and just take time to relax.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.


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