The New Year So Far

First off, I’m exhausted.

Not what you were expecting huh?

I never REALLY had a break at the end of last year so I’m feeling pretty worn out. I have so much to do as well.

I’m not having the best start to the year as I’m already receiving emails about overdue payments. Why did life get so damn difficult when it was out turn to be adults? 😂

I’m already pretty busy but by the looks and sounds of things, it’s only going to get busier from here on out.

I do feel like I’m going a little bit insane.

I see you guys posting your new years goals and all that, not me, I’m exhausted.

Thank heavens I got a stack of books for Christmas last year, they’ve helped heaps with me trying to escape reality for a bit and chill out. I literally have a book on my nightstand, in my office desk, my handbag and car. I don’t go anywhere without one.

It’s insane how quickly the month of January flew by, what’s happening!

There is just so much to do.

I really want to push myself more in all areas of life this year, especially fitness. I’m keen to see just what my body can do. I intend to be a little more selfish this year so that I can’t really work on the goals that’ll get me closer to where I want to be in life.

We ain’t getting no younger.

Work has been a bit stressul. There’s lots going on.

I’ve been spending more time at the beach and taking really long walks; which is now my favourite thing to do. The beach really is my happy place. There’s nothing a trio to he Bach can’t cure or at the very least ease. I highly recommend you go visit the beach from time to time if you’re able to.

Anyway, I’m hopeful for the year ahead, feeling optimistic and ready to kick ass.

I want to show you guys more of myself on socials so I don’t seem so robotic and you can see for yourselves that I’m an actually human being hahaha.


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