I’ve Become a Workaholic!

And that is why you haven’t heard from me lately. In all honesty though, I need a freaken break. I feel like I work too much lately but I can’t seem to help myself. Is anybody else having this problem? Remote work is great, except I often end up working even when I should be […]

Awesome Reasons To Love Remote Work

The Covid pandemic affected many peoples jobs and livelihoods and highlighted the importance of remote work. Many still haven’t returned to an office because it turned out working remotely made their employers realise it wasn’t necessary for them to physically be in an office. I started a new remote job at the beginning of the […]

Back in The Mother City

On May first, I took a flight to Cape Town to come and look after my baby sis. It felt so good being back here even though I wish it was under better circumstances. I loved how familiar everything felt. Honestly though, despite how expensive it is, this is a city I could see myself […]

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