Why Reading Is Essential… For EVERYONE

I LOVE reading. Reading takes you on adventures to places you could never see and opens your imagination.

It’s just fantastic!

I think that it is essential for everyone to read; whether you are young or old and we should include it in our daily routines.

There are plenty of genres to choose from so that means that there’s something for everyone. 

I find it sad that the younger generation of today has appalling English reading and writing skills. Actually, it’s not just the younger generations, I have seen emails and formal work communication with simple spelling errors and it automatically makes your written communication look unprofessional.

Kids should be taught to enjoy reading and books from early in life so that it becomes second nature for them to pick up a book in their spare time. Reading encourages creativity and I’ve heard that it puts our brains in a state that is similar to meditation, I can identify with that because reading has the ability to take you away.

Have you ever gotten your hands on a novel that was so juicy and good that you couldn’t bring yourself to put it down and before you know it, the story was over and it left you yearning for more?

That’s what I love about a good book.

These are some of the benefits of reading:

  • Better imagination
  • Improved writing skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • stress reduction
  • Increased knowledge
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Also gives you something worthwhile to contribute to conversations

Encouraging troubled teens to read is a great way to get them to stay out of trouble and encourage them to spend more time at the library building their knowledge. Kids these days are far too busy with video games, if children are not going to play outside they can at least exercise their minds by reading.

You don’t even have to take them to the local library anymore because we now have e-books. 

Storytime is also a great bonding activity for both parents and kids. It helps parents build a close relationship with their little ones and if you teach your children to get used to reading from a young age; they’ll carry that through life. When we were younger, my dad used to read my sister and me bible stories in bed.

An article I read on healthline.com, Benefits of Reading Books: How It Can Positively Affect Your Life, stated that one of the benefits of regular reading is that it strengthens your brain and encourages parents to read with their kids as it will build warm and happy associations with books which will make reading more enjoyable for your kids in the future.


My dad is an avid reader, he’s the one who bought me “Feel the fear & do it anyway” when I was struggling with career choice (well, life in general) a few years back. That book was actually a big help even when it came to blogging. It applies to all spheres of life really.

Personally, I enjoy reading fiction books – don’t have a favourite author but I enjoyed Roald Dahl as a kid.

I used to check books out at the school library. Read so much back then but as an adult, I don’t always make time with work and studying but I know it’s no excuse. I could dedicate some of my TV watching time to reading. 

To remedy this I challenge myself to aim for 30 minutes of reading a day.

In 2020, I challenged myself to read “20 Books For 2020” which didn’t pan out so I’ll be attempting to do so this year.

Click here to see what’s on my reading list.

You don’t have to read books if you don’t want to, magazine and newspaper articles are also good reading material (I don’t mean the gossip column though). If you prefer you can listen to audiobooks instead.

Reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary and enhance your spelling ability, especially for working professionals.

I encourage you to read every day; even if it’s just 15 to 30 minutes, whatever free time you have, use a portion of it to read!

If you absolutely don’t have the time or want to pick up a physical book, audiobooks are an excellent substitute. There’s an audiobook app called Audible that you should check out. It has a great selection of audiobooks and also where I read the book The Alchemist.

Wanna switch it up and find a new reading spot? Then check this post out!

Happy reading y’all!

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