Great Reading Spots To Enjoy A Good Book

If you’re reading this post then I’m guessing that like myself, you like to read and from time to time you may wanna switch it up a little. If that’s the case then I’m happy to be sharing all these great reading spots with you.

I don’t like reading in the same spot every day so I move around when I can. Sometimes I feel like reading indoors and others I want to enjoy the fresh air outside.

Speaking of reading, last year I had set myself a goal of 20 Books for 2020 and I plan to crush it this year! So far I’ve read 3 books so I guess I’m doing alright…

I’m actually a little disappointed in the decline in my reading rate lately. I’m just not reading as much as I want to because there are so many distractions. I want to do so much but there are only 24 hours in a day.

Great Reading Spots:


It’s nice to enjoy a good book on your beach chair right next to the pool.

Alternatively, you could sit by the pool and read your book while dipping your feet in on a nice hot day.

By the river/beach

My favourite places to be, in general, and also awesome reading spots.

Nahoon River in my hometown is a great choice of spot to enjoy your current read. It’s usually pretty peaceful there if you go at the right time…

The local park

Find a nice, cool spot in the shade under some trees to enjoy a good book. This is a great way to spend a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon (well any afternoon really).

But only do this if your local park is safe!

The library

What better place to read than the home of all books?

The library is the one place where you are guaranteed to read undisturbed and in silence which is what makes it a great reading spot.

A coffee shop

Enjoy a hot cuppa coffee while you get lost in a novel.

When I was a kid I used to read on the bus on my way home to pass time; especially when my friends hadn’t caught the bus that day and

I needed something to do to pass time.

By the fireplace

Awesome on cold nights during winter. Partner your book with a warm cup of hot chocolate and have a nice, quiet evening getting lost in a fantasy world.

Another two great spots to enjoy suggested by Powell are:


I see the appeal here…

My longest flight has been an hour and a half and I’ve spent it watching stuff on my phone mostly but I have read at times. The problem for me is that planes can be quite noisy with crying babies so it doesn’t really work for me since I prefer to read in quieter settings.

In bed

Reading in bed is great and not to mention super comfy and the best time for people who are too busy to make time to read during the day.

Enjoying a good book is a good way to relax and wind down after a long day before you go to bed.

My favourite spot to read is at home on the beach chair facing the pool. It’s in the shade and just the perfect spot for me. I used to study there sometimes too when I got tired of sitting at a desk.

Truthfully, you can read just about anywhere, you just need to figure out what works for you and where you like to be.
Reading is a great way to pass time while waiting or taking public transport.

By the way, if you ever have to go to a place like the department of labour or home affairs, I suggest you take a book with you so you’ll have something to do while you wait because the queues are SUPER long. I nearly lost my mind the last time I was there because my phone battery was low, I didn’t have my power bank and there was no book in my bag.


With ebooks becoming increasingly popular and free reading apps, one can read just about anywhere…

Where are your favourite reading spots and what are you currently reading? Share them with me in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “Great Reading Spots To Enjoy A Good Book

  1. I always love reading a good book even if I have slowed down in my reading these past few years. I mostly listen to audiobooks now, but I intend to pick up on my reading this year, hopefully, I can get to read at least 2 books (physical books, that is) a month.
    One of the places I would love to try reading a book is by the fireplace 😀

  2. I do love reading a good book in my favourite coffee shop, great recommendations here, would love to try a setting with a proper wood fired fireplace, sounds cosy!

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