Top 20 Posts For The First Half Of 2023

Hello lovely reader.

Thanks for taking the time to join me on the blog today where I’ll be sharing my top posts of 2023 thus far.

2023 had been a busy year, I think one of growth as well for both myself and the blog. I’ve written and shared numerous fun posts that I’m sure you guys enjoyed reading and I’ll be sharing the posts you gravitated towards the most down below.

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Here’s the list of top posts for the first half of this year, beginning with the most popular:

Top 20 Posts For The First Half 0f 2023

I see many of you are having a stressful year because the top post is about ways to combat stress lol. I’ve been there with you and thank goodness the stress levels are now low. 2023 has certainly been a challenging year thus far and I’m hoping that the remainder of the year will be WAY better.

I cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support and look forward to sharing more content with you soon.

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Shoutout to my readers in China, Ghana, India, Ireland, Vietnam and all of you all over the world. You are appreciated!

Keep well and I’ll check you soon.

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