My Travel Bucketlist

Social media and the internet have been a godsend in that they have helped to expose us to places we could only ever dream existed. I love following travel pages and as a result, I’ve added quite a number of places to my travel bucketlist.

Those of you who are privileged enough to be able to travel whenever you like are SO lucky. You get to see and explore such beautiful places and I hope to be able to check out all the places on my list before I kick the bucket.

Travelling broadens your horizons and you get to experience a different way of life. Sometimes when you’ve been in one place for very long, you forget that there is more out there, there’s something different and possibly unforgettable for you to see.

I have made a promise to myself to get out there and do as much travelling as I possibly can.

I’m in no position to travel right at this very moment and in the meantime, your girl can dream…

Before I babble on, here’s a list of places on my travel bucket list (some are pretty specific).

My Travel Bucketlist

  • The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
  • Brazil
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Hawaii
  • Italy particularly Venice
  • Mauritius
  • Dubai
  • Tokyo
  • Rome
  • Bora Bora
  • Barcelona
  • Croatia
  • Singapore
  • Paris – apparently this is no.1 on the list of the world’s best places
  • Winelands in Stellenbosch
  • Greece
  • New York City
  • Knysna
  • Portugal
  • Indonesia
  • Miami
  • Prague
  • Krakow (I’d never heard of this place until I read6 Things To Do As a Tourist in Krakow now I’m sold)
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • The Philippines

“3 Pizzas (& Pasta I Tried in Cape Town)”

Don’t laugh but I am intrigued by these places mostly because of TV and social media so I want to experience them for myself, through my own eyes and senses. I want to taste all the different cuisines, see different ways of life, and just get out there and see what more the world has to offer.

Reading books such as Eat, Pray, Love has also piqued my interest in travelling. I would love to go and experience the places I read about for myself.

One thing I want to do when I see these places is to taste all the different cuisines. I am a bit of a foodie (well, in the sense that I like to eat food), so I’m curious to try different cuisines.

There are even places right here in South Africa that I need to revisit. I was either too young to take it all in or enjoy the full experience ( I missed out on seeing snow for myself at Hogsback and skiing because back then my feet were so small, they didn’t have skis in my size).

I want to get a passport, cross many borders and get it stamped to the point of wearing it out!

Never been to a beach where the water is clear so that’s one thing that I’d love to see and experience for myself. I live on the coast so I can go to the beach any time but these beaches DO NOT look like that…

I dream to be a well-travelled woman and I believe that one of the best things that you can spend money on is travelling. From what I’ve read, the benefits of travelling include:

  • getting “real-life” education
  • confidence boost
  • enhancing your tolerance for uncertainty
  • helps you to get to know yourself

Those are just a handful of the benefits but I’m sure you can tell just why it’s great to travel when you can.

Besides, not everyone is afforded the luxury of being able to travel so when an opportunity presents itself, you should grab it by the horns.

How many places have you crossed off on your travel bucket list and which were your favourite?

Are there places you’ve visited that you absolutely dreaded? Maybe some didn’t live up to your expectations or the hype?

What’s on your travel bucket list?

Let me know in the comments.

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