How To Eat Healthier – Healthy Eating Tips

Are you constantly sick, suffering from high blood pressure, having weight troubles and other health complications? Or maybe suffering from constipation? The problem might be your diet! This is why I’m giving you these healthy eating tips. Healthy eating should be everyone’s priority as it promotes good overall health. It’s vital that we eat healthily […]

My Experience With Depression

by Kevin Mangelschots Depression, also known by some as the silent killer. And for good reasons. Little did I know I was going to find out firsthand why this disease was called this way. Because early on in my life, before the age of 16, everything was perfect. I did well in school, had loving […]

Why Self-Care Is Important

We look after other people and our things so well. We take our cars for service and change the oil, have gardeners to help us maintain our beautiful gardens, housekeepers for our homes… So why do we neglect to take care of ourselves? Let’s discuss why self-care is important. Life can get a bit hectic […]

My Life on Anti-Depressants

Hey there, welcome! I want to share a little about my life on anti-depressants and what that experience was like. As mentioned previously, I suffer from depression hence I had to spend a small portion of my life on anti-depressants. I’m happy to say that “I have it under control”, even though I’m not sure […]

Living With Scalp Eczema

If you’ve got scalp eczema and are struggling to get it under control, don’t worry it’s possible, even without using medication. I did it and so can you. In this post, I’ll be talking about my struggles with scalp eczema and how I managed to overcome them. Keep reading to hear my story and for […]

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